Human Rights

At Dawn studio s.r.o., we are committed to upholding and promoting human rights in all aspects of our operations and interactions. We believe that respect for human rights is fundamental to our business success and essential for creating a fair, inclusive, and sustainable world. This Human Rights Policy outlines our commitments and principles regarding human rights.

Respect for Human Dignity

We recognize and respect the inherent dignity and worth of every individual. We are committed to treating all employees, customers, suppliers, and stakeholders with fairness, dignity, and respect, regardless of race, ethnicity, nationality, religion, gender, sexual orientation, disability, age, or any other characteristic.

Labor Rights

We are committed to upholding the rights of workers as set forth in international labor standards, including the rights to freedom of association, collective bargaining, safe and healthy working conditions, fair wages, and non-discrimination. We prohibit forced labor, child labor, and any form of exploitation or harassment in our operations and supply chain.

Environmental Responsibility

We recognize the interconnectedness of human rights and environmental sustainability. We are committed to minimizing our environmental impact and promoting responsible stewardship of natural resources. We strive to operate in a manner that respects and protects the rights of present and future generations to a clean and healthy environment.

Supply Chain Responsibility

We hold our suppliers and business partners to the same high standards of respect for human rights and ethical conduct that we adhere to internally. We expect our suppliers to uphold the principles of this Human Rights Policy and to promote human rights within their own operations and supply chains.

Accountability and Continuous Improvement

We are committed to monitoring and evaluating our human rights performance regularly and transparently. We will take appropriate action to address any human rights issues that arise, including implementing corrective measures and providing remedies for any adverse impacts resulting from our operations.

Compliance with Applicable Laws and Standards

We are committed to complying with all applicable laws, regulations, and international standards related to human rights. Where local laws and regulations are insufficient, we will apply internationally recognized human rights principles as our minimum standard of conduct.

Communication and Training

We will communicate our Human Rights Policy to all employees, suppliers, and stakeholders and provide training and support to ensure understanding and implementation. We encourage open dialogue and feedback on human rights issues from all stakeholders.

Review and Revision

We will review and, if necessary, revise this Human Rights Policy periodically to ensure its continued effectiveness and relevance to our business and stakeholders.